We have decided this year to run a competition for those who enjoy art and photography. Our winner will have their art on the front of our Christmas cards – that will be for sale in our Charity Shop!

Here are the rules for anyone who wants to take part:

1. All entries can be sent to us through Facebook PM or emailed to (please include your full name, age and a contact number).

2. You can use any form of media, it can be paint, pen, pencil, pastel, digital drawing, or a photograph!

3. You can send us a photo of your image before the deadline but if you win we would need the original copy to scan.

4. The deadline is Wednesday the 13th of September at 11pm.

5. The image must be of The Gate building (in the photo below) and be A4 landscape.

6. After we receive all entries we will put them up on Facebook so that people can vote for which one they like best. This will open on the 14th of September at noon and close 15th of September at 11pm.

7. Children can also enter the competition.

If we get a lot of entries we might even make a calendar too!

Thank you and good luck to everyone who decides to enter, we would appreciate a share! 😊❤

May be a graphic of the Cotswolds and text that says "Competition! ART the ga e the gale Practical help for positive change"

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