Board of Trustees

The role of our trustees is to set the vision and direction for The Gate and to make sure that the charity operates legally, with integrity and in line with its values. They seek to enable The Gate and its staff to be the best that they can be in their role of serving people who are vulnerable, isolated or living in crisis situations in Clackmannanshire. Each trustee brings their particular professional or life expertise as well as their passion to serve those who currently find themselves in a difficult place.

Rita McNeil

Trustee/Project Leader (Soup pot)

Val Rose


Evelyn Paterson


Anne Marchant


Sheena Hodgkinson



The Gate has a small but committed team of staff who work very hard to maintain the day to day tasks of running The Gate, its services and projects. Staff are very passionate about their roles and ensure that everyone who enters The Gate to use our services, leave the building with their dignity in tact.


Chief Officer

I like working at the Gate because…Every day is different; I love to watch our ideas develop into projects that change the lives of the people who use our services.

You can contact Jilly by email on:


Volunteer Coordinator & Assistant Manager

I enjoy working at the Gate because… I like the challenge and helping people.

Jane is responsible for managing volunteers, if you would like to find out more about volunteering you can contact her on:


Communications Officer


Finance Assistant

If you have any queries regarding making a donation, please email


Foodbank Administrator


Foodbank Development Coordinator. If you would like to find more about the foodbank or would like to offer your help, please contact

Jordan, Christine & Liz

Christine is our Catering manager you can email her on


Michelle is our Charity Shop manager.


Shop assistant


Apprentice shop assistant



Our Volunteers

The Gate is dependent on an incredible team of volunteers from all walks of life, from all different age groups and from all different backgrounds. Each volunteer offers their time, life skills and experience to ensure that our services operate with efficiency and dedication. People volunteer for a number of reasons, some are retired and have life long skills and experience to share, some people volunteer to gain some valuable work experience and others simply volunteer as they have spare time to give help people in need. Although every volunteer has different reasons for volunteering, each volunteer shares a common theme, a desire to help others within their community with great empathy, dedication and commitment.