Do you have talents, skills, experience, interests or hobbies you would like to share or improve through volunteering? In return, you will:

  • Help others within your community,
  • Expand your social circle,
  • Fill your day carrying out a rewarding role,
  • Meet new people,
  • Be part of a team,
  • Learn new skills,
  • Gain valuable work experience to enhance your CV,
  • And most of all, you will have fun!

You decide how many hours you would like to volunteer.
All training will be provided and most roles are based within The Gate Centre.

Partnering with the Gate Charity

A charity partnership is a collaboration between a business and a charity who share a passion and commitment to a sustainable social change. The Gate works with a wide range of businesses and organisations to help improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Clackmannanshire. These innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships are a key part of our work.

We’d love to hear from you to discuss how your business can collaborate with the Gate.  What are the benefits of partnering with the Gate:  

·    Allows businesses to explore opportunities beyond monetary value.

·    Engages stakeholders through a new approach that encourages corporate citizenship.

·    Offers both sides the opportunity to scope and capture new sources of value and pilot innovation.

·    Provides opportunities to pilot innovative projects and programmes.

How a business collaborates with a charity is dependent on the desired outcome and objectives of the partnership, the resources available and the scale of partnership. A partnership with The Gate offers a meaningful way for your business to support vulnerable people in our community.

Staff Fundraising

Partner with us, and benefit from a dedicated member of the fundraising team who will assist you in engaging your team and organising enjoyable fundraising activities.

Charity of the Year

Your company can make a lasting impact by supporting us for a year or more, helping us to offer practical solutions for positive change in our community.

Event Sponsorship

Elevate your brand by sponsoring our events.

Marketing Partnerships

Increase sales and enhance your brand’s visibility by incorporating a donation to The Gate with each purchase of your products or services.

Payroll Giving

Find out how to make donations directly from your wages or pension before it is taxed.

Marketing Partnerships

Increase sales and enhance your brand’s visibility by incorporating a donation to Hope Rescue with each purchase of your products or services.

Gift in kind or Pro-Bono support.

Whether it’s providing food and other donations, or offering professional advice and services, your contributions can make a significant difference for the most vulnerable people across Clackmannanshire. 

Contact us on enquiries@the-gate-charity.org        

Make a Donation

We could not operate our services without the help of our generous community. All food distributed via our Foodbank is donated and we constantly rely upon donations of food stock. Donating items of food is a simple process. We have permanent trollies in all the supermarkets in Alloa, food donations can be dropped off at The Gate Centre, Monday to Friday between 10am – 3pm and we are always happy to provide a tour and talk to local groups visiting with donations.

We also fully appreciate used clothing, footwear, small household items and toiletries which we distribute via our Soup Pot and Home Starter Pack projects to vulnerable people living within Clackmannanshire.

Cash donations are always a necessity. For example, a monthly Standing Order helps us to plan ahead.

  • £5 a month provides fresh items for a family who need a food parcel
  • £5 a month provides a family with a meal who visit our Soup Pot
  • £5 a month helps us to operate smaller ad hoc projects to help overcome social isolation within the community
  • And, £5 a month really helps to keep our heating and lights on throughout the week!

All types of donations are greatly appreciated as every item and every penny is used to support the local community’s needs. The Gate Centre is open Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm for enquires and collections.

PLEASE NOTE:  Cheques must be payable to The Gate Charity.  We cannot accept cheques payable to The Gate Foodbank or The Gate Soup Pot.  However, please be assured, we will allocate funding strictly to whatever project the donator requests us to do so.