How to use The Gate Foodbank

Can I just turn up at the foodbank?

The prerequisite to benefit from a food parcel is that you must be referred by, Social Work, Citizen’s Advice, GP, Nurse, or Housing Officer.

We recommend the best place to start if you need a referral would be Citizen’s Advice. They will put you in contact with an advisor, who will determine what benefits are available to you and advise on how you can access these. You can contact Clackmannanshire Citizen’s Advice here:

When it has been decided that you would benefit from a referral, the referrer shall submit the request on your behalf. You will then receive a text from us to confirm your need to attend to collect your parcel. You will be given a collection code and a time to come along.  

How many times can I use the foodbank?

Typically, you can have a maximum of four food parcels issued to you. Foodbank support is designed to be a short-term solution and here at the Gate we wish to assist with sustainable solutions if your need is long-term.

Even if you have been told that there is a finite number of times that you can visit the foodbank, if you are genuinely in need, it can be helpful to ask. If we can’t help with food provision, we may still be able to connect you to other meaningful in help.