Welcome to the team Alisha

This week we welcome our new member of the team – Alisha, who will be our resilience building coordinator. The introduction of this role is vital for the County as we continue to offer practical solutions for positive change. Alisha will be concentrating on:

  • Making a positive difference to the wellbeing of those we help
  • Enabling The Gate to signpost confidently and effectively in the alleviation of the root cause of poverty.
  • Helping to reduce the community’s need for emergency food.
  • Breaking down barriers to find solutions.
  • Empowering clients to address situations and break the poverty cycle.
  • Improving personal resilience.

Alisha’s story

One day, I decided to give The Gate Charity a call to ask about their volunteering opportunities. Originally, I thought I wanted to do something cooking-related as I was unsure how to best contribute to my community. However, after talking on the phone with Jane, she made me realise I had many more skills I had to offer that I didn’t even know were valuable. I started off by making posters and other digital graphics as well as helping out with running the social media. After a few months, I started attending their “Talkers Team” group on a Friday morning as I was nervous about public speaking and wanted to try and step out of my comfort zone. Eventually, I was pitching for £5000 at the Alloa Town Hall (with my colleague Liz) for The Gate’s school uniform bank project. Although a very nerve-wracking experience, I was very proud of what I had achieved as I could have never imagined that giving The Gate Charity a call all those months ago would have led to me trying these new and exciting experiences. Recently, a few job roles came up at The Gate and I decided to apply for the new role of Resilience Coordinator which involves helping those who rely on our services to break the cycle of poverty and isolation. Although I was happy as a care worker, I thought I would apply for the interview experience anyway, and to my surprise I was offered the job! I am over the moon to be a permanent member of the team as I can use my new role to make positive changes to Clackmannanshire as well as getting the opportunity to work alongside some of the loveliest and most hardworking people I’ve ever met.

Welcome to the team Alisha! 🙂