• We believe everyone has the right to be treated equally and to feel valued and respected
  • We accept people for what they are without judgement and to meet them at their point of need
  • We believe in ability of all to make positive choices and a valued contribution to the community
  • Recognise the value of, and support the development of, relationships and community spirit
  • Commit to high quality service provision through individually responsive, professionally delivered services
  • To liaise and work in partnership with other organisations to effectively utilise all available resources
  • Operating in a way that is open and transparent to all.

Now the Gate is Ten years old! 

December 2021  The Gate Charity will celebrate ten years of positive impact on Clackmannanshire communities. As part of the celebratory activities, The Gate will be showcasing its projects over a ten-day period (1st-10th December)

The Gate Charity began its story in 2011, founded by a small group of members from Ludgate Church, three of whom still serve on the Board of Trustees.  Although the work of the Gate started before that, primarily in the formation of the Soup Pot, some three years before.

The Gate has much to be proud of over its- ten-year life. Chairperson Evelyn Paterson says ‘When we started The Gate, our goal was to create a safe and welcoming space, open to all, to access support when they needed it most.  A place where everyone would be treated equally, with dignity and respect. Our main purpose which governs our Charity is to ‘Prevent or relieve poverty and improve the conditions of life of people who are homeless, vulnerable or socially isolated’. Through our projects, I believe we have remained true to that cause. We see this 10-year milestone as an opportunity to reflect on achievements and the impact that The Gate has had on many lives across the County, it’s also, sadly, a reminder that after 10 – years, the services of the Gate are still needed, probably more so than they were ten years ago…so our work must continue’.

The 10 – year anniversary of The Gate is an opportunity to celebrate the significant impact that the charity has made to their local communities, all of which has relied on the selfless support of the Trustees and many Volunteers. Val Rose, trustee says: ‘We wish to extend our thanks to everyone who has been involved with The Gate over the past ten years, we have become a real place of hope for so many and it is only possible because of the support of the community’. 

The Generosity of the Community have also been vital in the services that The Gate can offer. Treasurer Anne Marchant says: ‘We are extremely grateful for all the donations that have been given to us over the past decade and we want to say thank you for making a difference through your compassion and generosity’.

So, what’s next? The Gate have big plans to grow again, into an even bigger ‘County Asset’. Plans are in place to redevelop the existing site to make it a place where The Gate can continue to increase its impact, to launch new projects and make a practical change to the lives of the people of Clackmannanshire. Rita McNeil, Trustee says: ‘We are so excited about the future and how we can continue to help people form our community’.  In order to do that, The Gate Charity need the help of the community, you can donate via Crowdfunder.uk