Yearly, we operate a school uniform bank after various people expressed a need for the service. Conversations with parents, grandparents, foster parents, visitors, service users and referrers helped us to understand that purchasing new school clothing, footwear and other essential items was very expensive. We also learned that many families had multiple recyclable clothing and items that they were more than happy to donate to support this project. Supermarkets, churches, schools, small businesses, such as Ochil View Housing Association and the local SNP office assist with the preparations and the delivery of the service.

During 2016, we provided 288 children with school clothing, footwear and other essentials items such as, lunch boxes, school bags, hats/scarves, stationary, jackets, PE clothing and ties. We recorded an increased need in the year 2017, as we supported over 300 children through 162 referrals from external agencies and 156 children received items during our Open Week, serving 25 schools and 15 referring agencies.

The project will operate in summer of 2018. Dates and times to be confirmed.