Howard Townshend

After working for nearly 40 years for a South African commercial bank, I decided that for my own personal fulfillment, I needed to retire 5 years before the company’s official retirement age in order to follow my long held dream of helping people in need with the experience and the admin, financial and management skills that I had acquired during my career.

My wife and I moved to Howick, a small South African village,  and soon became involved in various non paid ministries in a local church.  The most impact that we made and the most satisfaction that we derived was in managing a pre-school for sixty five 3-6 year olds in a township inhabited by a very poor community.  Neither of us had had any experience or training in education whatsoever, but we offered what we had to the Lord and we saw the school develop and improve year by year.

Besides the school, I played a small part in the church’s HIV/AIDS ministry, produced a monthly church news bulletin and led a weekly Christian Home Fellowship/Bible study group.

Sacrificing the accumulation of additional pension funds by retiring early was repaid more than can be measured in the happiness and satisfaction that we gained in serving others without any financial motive or gain.

In 2012, we decided that seeing that our two sons were living and working in the UK without any intentions of returning to South Africa, it was time for us to move to Alloa to be near them. I wanted more of the same as what we had experienced in Howick and fortunately my wife saw an article on The Gate in the local newspaper.  I applied and I was accepted as a volunteer. I was later approached and I agreed to serve as a Trustee.

What I have to offer:

  • High energy.
  • Passion to assist people.
  • 40 years working experience.